Backpack Selection, Fitting, and More

This is mostly a place to hold several links to places that provide good information on selection. So you can skip this and scroll down to the bottom with the links and get the full picture. Go ahead, I won't be offended.

Sleeping Bags: Ratings, Types, Care, Recommendations

There's no such thing as one perfect sleeping bag. If you do a lot of camping, you may end up with a couple. The major factors that go into picking the right bag for the trip are temperature rating, construction, and materials. But choice of ground pad as well as how you clean and store your bag will make a difference in how well it holds up for you.

BSA Adventure Camps

Interested in High Adventure camps? The Boy Scouts have several. Here's a recent peak at them from the BSA.

Zippy Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

These hot sandwiches have the advantage of not needing to be cooked at all and, because the ingredients are from foods that keep reasonably well in cool fall temperatures, can be taken on trips without refrigeration. But they are so much better on those cool fall evenings when heated.


Catskills Backpacking Epilogue

A quick group shot taken for us by fellow hikers.


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