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July 2019 – Linked Troops

ScoutCast - Tue, 06/25/2019 - 15:45

Don’t feel silly if you don’t know what a linked troop is. Heck—we didn’t know either! We heard the term once or twice and decided it might be good to find out more, so let’s learn together with our listeners. Please join our new ScoutCast hosts, Anissa Hicks and Ryan Larson, in their inaugural episode with guests Scoutmaster Paige Samdal of Troop 1505 and Neil Goltermann, chartered organization representative for Knox Presbyterian Church of Naperville, Illinois, as we discover the benefits of a linked troop.


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June 2019 – Security

ScoutCast - Wed, 05/29/2019 - 11:42

Imagine this: Your unit is ready to depart for a big adventure. All the Scouts and adult volunteers are on time, the weather is perfect, and everything is ready. Then you realize you’re missing something, and it’s a big something: Your unit’s trailer and all the gear inside—hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of stuff—is gone, all gone. So, after you call the police, you might be asking yourself, how can we make sure our stuff is secure?

Keeping Scouts, volunteers, and their gear safe and sound—whether at your meeting place or on the trail—is Richard Bourlon’s mission in life. Richard is the team lead for Health and Safety Services here at the national service center and will share with us some do’s and don’ts and helpful tips to keep everyone and everything safe and secure.


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May 2019 – Bullying

ScoutCast - Fri, 04/26/2019 - 05:01

Talking about bullying doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You just have to shine a light on it. We get a lot of questions regarding how to handle bullying in a Scouting context, so we thought this might be a good time to talk to Cody Solesbee, a doctoral student in the School of Psychology at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. He’s a researcher for the Nebraska Bullying Prevention and Intervention Initiative, which has a goal of addressing the personal, social, and cultural factors that underlie bullying behaviors in order to advance solutions to promote healthy relationships within families, schools, communities, and out-of-school organizations like Scouting.


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