Camp Alpine in Google Earth

Load the attached file into Google Earth to have a calibrated map of the camp.

To read UTM coordinates out of Google Earth, you'll need to go into the menus for Tools > Options. Then on the "3D View" tab, under "Show Lat/Long" select "Universal Transverse Mercator". And under "Units of Measurement" select "Meters, Kilometers." 

At this point, when you move your mouse around the screen, you show see the UTM zone as well as eastings and northings in the coordinates at the bottom of the screen.

Cold Weather Camping Videos

I've watched a number of this guy's videos on YouTube, mostly having to do with hammock camping, but this series is not just about hammock camping, but cold weather in general. Some of his topics will be repeat of what we've heard. The author lives in Minnesota, so while he says he's not an expert, any winter camping in Minnesota is a major step up from what we will be doing.

BSA Adventure Camps

Interested in High Adventure camps? The Boy Scouts have several. Here's a recent peak at them from the BSA.

Catskills Backpacking Epilogue

A quick group shot taken for us by fellow hikers.

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