National Laboratories

Requirement 3 reads

  1. Do ONE of the following; then discuss modern particle physics with your counselor:
    1. Visit an accelerator (research lab) or university where people study the properties of the nucleus or nucleons.
    2. Name three particle accelerators and describe several experiments that each accelerator performs.

Obviously, you'll need to work out a visit with a local research lab or university for part a. But, for part b, there are a number of national laboratories which do nuclear science related work and all of them have web sites. This page will not go into detail on experiments they currently perform or have one in the past. Please see the lab's own web sites for that.

Here is a list of national laboratories related to nuclear physics/science.

Some of the above are under the auspices of the Department of Energy and you may use this site as a launch point, too:, or this for more general information,